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For Japanese Users especcially escape from twitter:

This instance, "" is the place of non-japanese communication about the IDOLMASTER. If you don't know it and you want to talk by Japanese , please consider joining

このインスタンス、imastodon.orgは日本語圏外のひとが集まるインスタンスです。日本語でアイマスの話をしたい場合は への参加をご検討ください。

Good morning everyone, I found Flower stand presented by Producers from overseas, I feel so happy.

I'm sorry if i missed other stand.

Good morning everyone, I 'll go to the Cinderella 7th Live at Nagoya Dome for 2days, I'm happy if I can meet YOU!


Today, 3rd.Nov is Yume Narumiya's 13th birthday. We need your contribute to her dream.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Yume Narumiya.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls 7th Live will be held next weekend at Nagoya, Japan.

It is no no problem about transportation systems to Nagoya, We, Japaneses Otaku will happy to welcome YOU!

Of Course I'll be happy if I can meet you!

女士们,先生们,THE IDOLM @ STER灰姑娘女孩7 Live将被下周末在日本名古屋举行。



update 15th.Oct (final)

JR East announced that it takes at least 1 to 2 weeks to resume Hokuriku Shinkansen Trains. This may delay if damage is bigger than assumption.

This mean you can not use Hokuriku Shinkansen at the time of Ban-Nam FES.

This is a final post of train information from me, but if you need to help, please feel free to mention me at: @chierisan_kakari or this post.

We, Japanese Otaku welcome you at any time.



update 14th.Oct

Hokuriku Shinkansen Trains has serious damage and now service suspend during Nagano - Itoigawa stations. JR announced it is not sure when it has resume. This mean you can not travel from Tokyo to Hokuriku region by Shinkansen.

Please check your travel plan if you will join Ban-Nam FES.

Some of Shinkansen Trains has serious damaged, please consider your travel plan if you will use Japan Rail Pass.

FYI: Everyone whom join the Bandai Namco Festival(FES) next weekend.

Tokyo region has been attacked serious typhoon but almost transportation system are resumed or resume soon.

But if you have any travel plan to other region of Japan(especially east Japan), please consider or inspect it is okay or not.

We, Japanese Otaku will happy to welcome Producers from overseas.


and it will have the Cinderella 7th concert in Nagoya, Japan. We, Japanese Otaku happy to welcome Producers from overseas. See you in next month.

Hello everyone, The Japan Meteorological Agency provides weather information in Multi Languages. We hope it is useful for Producers who come from overseas. 


"여러분의 이해에 감사드립니다. 오가타 치에리,이마이 카나,사죠 유키미,나루미야 유메,모치즈키 히지리양을 잘 부탁드립니다.


Good evening gentlemen, The IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 7th Live in Chiba has finished, so,


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