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For Japanese Users especcially escape from twitter:

This instance, "" is the place of non-japanese communication about the IDOLMASTER. If you don't know it and you want to talk by Japanese , please consider joining

このインスタンス、imastodon.orgは日本語圏外のひとが集まるインスタンスです。日本語でアイマスの話をしたい場合は への参加をご検討ください。

Hello everyone, All of the Cinderella Girl 7th Live has finished, and I guess you saw perfect performance by the Girls.

This is a FIRST STAGE of Yukimi Sajo, I saw her's performance, my tears won't stop.

Thank you for your ongoing support for Yukimi Sajo.

(machine transration)



I'll tell you again if this issue recovered.

We, Japanese Otaku welcome YOU at Osaka.

Have a good day.

1) If you already have a reservation with credit card, you'll tell to "Midori no Madoguci" (みどりの窓口) with your card.

2)If you don't have Japanese cash, you'll buy train ticket at travel agency like JTB (you'll charge extra commision)

Japan Railway(JR) group having trouble abouto credit card transaction since today morning, and no information about recovery date.

I guess it will recover till Osaka 7th, but I'll tell you about work around.

Good morning.
I'll tell about Japan Railway trouble to Producers whom come to Osaka this weekend.

No, no, this is kind of fake news, the original article distribute by Jiji tsusin doesn't write the word interruption ("中止").

Hey guys, Are you ready for Yume?

I appreciate your ongoing support for Yume Narumiya.


Hello everyone, Today is Mizuki Makabe's birthday. Would you enjoy coffee jelly?

I appreciate your ongoing support for Mizuki Makabe.


Take care your health.

Good morning everyone, Kana Imai and Tomoka Wakabayashi has arrived at "Susume Cinderella Road!" (スシロー).

I appreciate your ongoing support for Kana Imai. 非常感谢大家的理解。还请多多支持今井加奈。


I really appreciate your ongoing support for Hijiri Mochizuki. It is her's FIRST SSR card!

I finish gathering all of Yume's cards on moba-mas!!!

Thank you very much your ongoing support for Yume Narumiya.


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