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im@stodon Mastodon hosted on is an unofficial mastodon instance for the non-Japanese community of fans of THE IDOLM@STER.

If you would also like to join the Japanese community, please visit Please note that accounts are not shared across different instances.


本站是偶像大师的非官方 Mastodon 中文实例,是致力于偶像大师爱好者的社交平台,中文为主,也欢迎使用任何语言的偶像大师爱好者加入。点击这里访问日文实例。请注意不同实例不共享账号。
如果没有收到验证邮件,请不要创建新的账号,在查阅所有邮件分类后无法找到的情况下,请联系 mc.seatou {at}

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